About This Blog

Follow the journey of a copper pony and her owner, now an “adult amateur” getting back into the world of riding and horse ownership after an extended hiatus for nearly 23 years. Newton is a large Quarter Horse pony at almost 14.2 hands tall, thought to be foaled in 2009. Melissa was born in 1979 and is of size and stature to fit a large pony nicely. The two became an official team on March 10th, 2017 and board and ride at a local Hunter/Jumper barn.

Melissa has ridden on and off most of her life, mostly in the Hunter/Jumper world, but experimented with all kinds of riding throughout her youth. Her heart fell into the Hunter world in her early tween years and has remained there ever since. She grew up in Northern Illinois and lived there until she was 22 years old, then moved to Long Island New York for almost 3 years before moving to East Central Florida with her husband. She is a Certified Veterinary Technician and had worked with horses on Harness Racing tracks all throughout her teen and college years in Illinois, Indiana, and Kentucky. She eventually went into small animal medicine and continues to work in the field being a co-owner of a small animal veterinary hospital with her husband, who is a small animal veterinarian. They reside in Florida now and have since they purchased their veterinary hospital in 2004. After having 2 children who are now 7 and 9 yrs old, she is able to again pursue her passion for horses.

Newton has a slight mystery of a history. He was started as a Western horse, to what extent we do not know. Was bought off a barrel racer by a teen girl that had him for 2 years. She rode him English and started his jumping career, but again, to what extent is not known. She finally had to sell him, most likely due to attending college, but not sure. He was then picked up from her by a Hunter/Jumper trainer that mostly works with ponies, and trained for 6 months as a Hunter Pony, showing great potential. He was put up for sale, and Melissa found him on a Facebook group for horse sales. Her and her trainer went to test ride him, liked him and brought him home to their barn for a week trial. All went well and she decided to purchase him. Their story together begins there…